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Customized Face & Name Metal Ornaments

Customized Face & Name Metal Ornaments

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Perfect little Christmas element with the customized face on!!
Make it funnier than ever with the personalized name of your or your pet!


How to purchase my personalized ornament:

  1. Add the name of you or your pet in the box
  2. Upload the good quality image with full size of clear face
  3. Choose the background you like
  4. Check out!


  • Print for pet face, with Christmas blessing on the other side
  • Round Size: 8.9 * 8.9 cm
  • Print for gamer face, with neon controller on the other side
  • Tree Size: 8.6 * 10 * 0.32 cm


  • Each ornament comes with a red ribbon for hanging
  • Each pack contains a single ornament
  • White aluminum base with a glossy finish
  • Scratch and chip resistant surface
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