Good Photo? Good Question

  • First thing first: Creating the design for you

After the personalized order is placed successfully, it takes 1 to 2 days for our team to create the design for you. When the design is ready, we will happily send it to production.

  • What kind of good photo?

- Good Resolution - photo taken by digital camera/ smartphone will do
- Clear Appearance - nothing covers the face, no scarf/mask/decoration on face, no part of the face being left out
- Entire Face - the whole photo is about the face, not just tiny bit of face seen on photo
- Nice Lighting - natural light on entire face, no dark spot or shadow. Not yellow/green/red -ish light. Not spotlighting.
- Straight front angle on shot
- File no larger than 20MB

  • Other general questions

- One face per ornament
- Anything famous or seen on media, cannot be used
- Or shoot us a email with your question